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Looking for a home renovation in Perth where you don’t have to worry about cost blowouts or any unpleasant surprises?

Then call us today on 1300 986 931 and Louise or Andy will personally speak to you about your project and discuss next steps. Our full stack of home renovation services includes:

Whole home renovations
Kitchen renovations
Bathroom renovations
Laundry renovations

As builders we also have all the skills, licences and insurance for your home renovation job.

Our Home Renovation Projects

Custom Home Renovations

When it comes to custom home renovations in Perth, Perway Construction Services is the ideal choice to bring your unique vision to life. Our qualified and licensed builders ensure a seamless and enjoyable renovation process; whether it’s transforming your kitchen, bathroom, laundry or the whole house, we have the expertise to make it happen.

We specialise in renovations, tailoring our services to meet your unique needs and preferences. Our in-depth knowledge of Perth’s housing market, local building regulations and the latest renovation techniques sets us apart. 

With our custom home renovations, your Perth residence can become the dream home you’ve always envisioned. We deliver quality workmanship, attention to detail and genuine expertise. 

Architecturally Designed Home Renovations

Architecturally designed transformations can take your existing property to a whole new level of style and functionality.  With an architecturally designed renovation, we work closely with skilled architects and designers to transform, maintain, restore or preserve elements of your existing home.

By leveraging our deep knowledge of Perth’s housing market and local building codes, we can help you create a renovation plan that not only enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its market value.

Our team of experts are well-versed in a wide variety of renovation techniques, ensuring that your project will be handled with the utmost professionalism and skill. We work closely with you, making sure we understand your vision and needs, then bringing them to life in a way that is both compliant with local regulations and tailored to your personal taste. 

Trust Perway to make your dream home a reality.

Home Renovation Done Right!

We offer you protection from all those home renovation horror stories that you hear about. Every point of contact, from the first conversation you have with us to you getting your new dream space has been thought about so you have a happy experience.

We work with you as a team and appreciate your concerns, understand your needs and wants, provide clarity and give you an enjoyable experience.

We also prioritise communication with you throughout the project, so you are never in the dark about the progress of your reno. You will always know what’s up and coming with your home remodelling project, making it easy to stay on track and allowing you to just enjoy the process of renovating, just like it’s meant to be!

3 Steps for Your Home Renovation Project

Need to know all the steps in the process when you partner with us? Our 3 Step Renovation Blueprint ensures there is a process for your residential remodelling job, from the first step to completion.

Step 1: Schedule A Call

Complete the details to schedule a call. Louise or Andy will personally speak to you about your project and next steps.

Step 2: Concept Presentation & Works Begin

See your ideas come to life and have complete clarity on what it will cost before we commence construction. You’ll enjoy a seamless, happy experience…the way renovating should be!

Step 3: Completion

After all works are completed, you’ll be able to enjoy your new dream space. It’s time to invite your friends around and order the champagne.

Why Partner With Us for Your Home Renovation?

Need some reasons to partner with us for your home renovation? Here are a few reasons why you should give us a call:

  • Qualified, licensed builders
  • No cost blowouts
  • Genuine home building, construction and renovation expertise
  • Fully insured
  • Communication is our top priority
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients

Call us today on 1300 986 931 and Louise or Andy will personally speak to you about your home renovation project and next steps.

Home Renovation FAQs

Do I need to obtain any permits or approvals for my home renovation in Perth?

Yes. Depending on the renovation, you may need to submit a Development Application (DA) to local authorities, approval of which can take three to six months.

How can I ensure that my home renovation aligns with Perth's building regulations and standards?

Your reputable renovation team at Perway Construction Services is familiar with local codes. We’ll plan, implement and oversee your project while adhering to all necessary guidelines.

Can you provide examples of previous home renovations you've completed in the Perth area?

Absolutely! We’ve completed numerous renovations in Perth that showcase our understanding of local regulations and diverse renovation techniques. Check our gallery for examples of whole-home renovations and stylish bathroom makeovers.

Does the climate in Perth influence the materials and methods used in home renovations?

Perth’s hot summers and broadly Mediterranean climate influences material choices for home renovations. Heat-resistant materials, insulation and energy-efficient methods are essential elements of any renovations. Rest assured, we will ensure your renovations work with, not against, Perth’s unique conditions.

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