The Heart of the Transformation: Part Two of Our Renovation Journey

Perway Construction Services
March 03, 2023
Okay guys, I am almost one week into the project and we've done a lot of work here. So, as you can see behind me, the deck is gone, decking is gone, and today the guys are gonna start prepping for the footings, and we're gonna put some stumps in and get some concrete set during the week. So when you come back next week, you'll hopefully see some footings here. I'll take you on inside. I'll bring you through here. We won't go in there 'cause it's too dark, guys. So, I won't bring you in here but I will bring you inside to show you what's happening in here. A lot of work went on here in the last week. We're leaving these walls as they are because there's asbestos on the side. So I just don't want the asbestos company to come in and start pulling down sheets when all the asbestos come into the house. So I'm just gonna leave them up for now. But we took up all the floors as you can see, there was a tile floor here before. So, we came to an issue on site and a lot of issues happened guys and I'm just gonna explain this one very quickly to you. This used to be the old fireplace where they had their cooktop back in the day and we had to take this up for the client. And the other issue that came on was the flooring. The flooring has all the glue down here from previous years. So, the client is coming in this afternoon and we're gonna have a conversation to see if we can restore this. But honestly, I don't think it's possible because there's a lot of divots and lot of this depth in , if you wanna call them. But it's not gonna like it, its up to the client to make that decision but that's why we have to do it. There's so many things that can happen on sites like this, guys, that you can't see, it's called unforeseen circumstances. And today, I'm just gonna tell you a quick story that I went to our local hardware store, Bunnings and I was actually shocked to see what's happening in WA. And it's scary when you walk down the aisles and you see no timber lumber, you're actually, "wow, this is pretty scary, guys." So, I actually feel sorry for the big builders at the moment because the big builders are doing vast volumes of renovations and houses. We niche into the residential, so we're very lucky. I have no problem getting materials for this client but please be mindful of the big builders because it's pretty scary. We just took out the outer skin of the chimney. We can't take that off yet because the outer skin, because of the asbestos. And we're gonna get a scaffold to take the outside and we work our way all the way down. I'll take you through the back, obviously, leaving up some walls because as you remember from last week, there's asbestos in here. So the boys has all this gutted up. We took all this up, we took this. There was no asbestos on this side but as you can see, guys, this is asbestos on the outside. So someone's coming next week to take all this down. So that's the silent killer for . And then this, we just took the floor out, but we're gonna be leaving this till tomorrow. So next time you come back, this will be all stripped back to stud and we can start prepping for here for the new bathroom and laundry renovation. And then one last thing guys, we've noticed yesterday, this used to be the outdoor area back in the day. And as you can see, this is all termite rotten. So this pulse has to come up and be replaced. So, the client's coming over. We're gonna have a few conversations today on what's possible because when you're working with the old and trying to build new, a lot of things have to change. So, yeah. Okay guys, that's it for this week. Next time you come back, next week there's gonna be a massive change in this house. Hopefully, there's not much hiccups like last week, but again, things happen, it's renovations, it's how we deal at onsite. See you next week.