Welcome to the Perway Process!

We understand that a building or renovation project is a significant milestone in your life and we are here to make that journey as seamless and rewarding as possible.
At Perway, we take immense pride in our unique process, designed to empower you with confidence and to help you enjoy the experience. Understanding that no two projects or clients are alike, we navigate you through each step, ensuring a pathway to building success.


step 1

Start your building journey by completing our information form and scheduling an introductory phone call with Andy the Builder.  This initial step allows us to delve into the critical components of your proposed project.

We gather essential insights about your ideas, desired timeline, and investment expectations. Armed with this information, we can accurately assess the feasibility of your project and tailor our approach to suit your unique needs.

The Benefits To You:

  • Personalised Understanding – Feel understood and at ease knowing we truly get your vision, making sure your project reflects your style and dreams.
  • Efficiency – Save time and money with upfront info, letting us plan better and allocate resources wisely for smoother sailing.
  • Risk Mitigation – Kick off your project on the right foot by teaming up with the right builder from the get-go, ensuring a partnership that clicks and a successful outcome.



step 2

Andy the Builder takes the time to meet you onsite, listen attentively to your needs and truly grasp your vision for your new space. Through honest, and informative conversations, he will guide you through expectations and the options for the next steps of our journey together.

The Benefits To You:

  • Alignment + Clarity – Get everyone on the same page from the start, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings down the road.
  • Trust and Mutual Respect – When trust is there, communication flows better, making teamwork and problem-solving easier.
  • Confidence Boost – Feel good about your choice to work with us after chatting through your project in detail; you’ll know you’ve chosen the right partner for this journey.



step 3

Design + Consultation

Andy steps in as your dedicated building consultant, advocating for your needs and helping you navigate the design process. He will help you select the perfect designer and interior designer (if required) based on your project brief.

As a team, he’ll join forces with you and the designers in the initial meeting, offering advice and reassurance every step of the way. The design team will then present a fee proposal and then embark on a series of meetings, either in person or online, where your input and feedback are valued.

You’ll receive concept drawings first, followed by discussions on pricing. Upon approval, the team will proceed to obtain development approval, taking care of all the paperwork and red tape on your behalf.  Finally the design team will provide top notch working drawings, ensuring a smooth proves before obtaining the building permits. 

The Benefits To You:

  • Budget Management – With Andy and our expert designers working towards a set budget, you can rest assured there will be no unexpected expenses.
  • Peace of Mind – Understanding what to expect at each stage reduces stress. With our collaborative approach, you can trust that your project is in expert hands and will be executed to perfection.
  • Timeline Transparency – Our proposal includes a clear project timeline, allowing you to plan your life and the build with confidence and ease.



step 4

Preliminary Agreement

As we move forward, we formalise our commitment to you and your project through a Preliminary Agreement. This document outlines the expectations, roles, responsibilities, and legal obligations of both parties, ensuring mutual understanding and safeguarding everyone’s interests.

The Benefits To You:

  • Commitment – Setting the stage for successful collaboration, the Preliminary Agreement signifies our dedication to your project and your commitment to us.
  • Transparency – With clear terms and conditions, both parties gain a comprehensive understanding, minimising the risk of misunderstandings or disputes.
  • Accountability – Defined roles and responsibilities pave the way for a smoother and more successful project delivery, ensuring accountability at every stage.

Quality Build Estimate (QBE)

Embark on the first step of our costing journey with the QBE! After the design team completes the concept design, we’ll present you with a tailored estimate, providing a more accurate idea of your project’s financial aspects. This estimate serves as a foundation, allowing us to align the scope with your budget and move forward confidently.

The Benefits to You:

  • Confidence – Knowing the estimated costs upfront empowers you to proceed confidently, eliminating financial uncertainty.
  • Project Optimisation – The QBE serves as a valuable tool for optimizing project resources and identifying areas where cost efficiencies can be achieved, ensuring your project stays within budget without compromising quality or vision.
  • Decision Making – The QBE enables informed choices about design elements, materials, and finishes, ensuring alignment with your budget and vision.

Final Detailed Proposal (FDP)

Continue the costing adventure with part two of the process! Here, we weave together all final aspects to create a detailed proposal, incorporating your selections, working drawings, and inclusions. By minimising Provisional Sum and Prime Cost items, we ensure financial clarity and provide you with a fixed price for the contract, instilling confidence as we move forward.

The Benefits to You:

  • Financial Clarity – No surprises – you’ll know exactly what costs to expect, eliminating uncertainty.
  • Budget Alignment – We revise inclusions to ensure your project meets your budget, aligning expectations and ensuring a smooth journey.
  • Assurance – Detailed proposals reduce risk and provide clarity when forming the building works contract, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.



step 5

As we reach the final stages of preparation, we guide you through the Building Contract and our Success Agreement. These documents represent a mutual commitment to the project, ensuring a relationship built on trust and open communication. By informing and empowering you every step of the way, we solidify our partnership in creating your dream home.

The Benefits To You:

  • Commitment & Confidence – The Building Agreement solidifies our mutual commitment, instilling confidence as we embark on your project together.
  • Transparency & Accountability – Clear expectations and defined roles minimize misunderstandings and disputes, ensuring a smooth and successful collaboration.
  • Informed Decision Making – Our educational approach empowers you to make informed decisions, fostering a deeper understanding of the process and your project’s progression.



step 6

To kickstart the construction of your dream project, we’ll need the signed contract documents, indemnity insurance certificate, and construction training fund fees, along with the building permit application for council approval. Once we have the green light, we’ll send you the 6.5% deposit to secure, and then we’ll be all set to turn your extraordinary vision into reality!

Andy will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the construction schedule, outlining key dates and milestones. Then, it’s time for our talented trades team to swing into action and unleash their magic.

With our unique blend of fun and professionalism, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Whether through videos, email updates, friendly phone calls, or regular scheduled site visits, we ensure complete visibility into the progress of your project. This level of engagement provides you with confidence and peace of mind as you witness your dream home taking shape before your eyes.

The Benefits To You:

  • Predictability – A well-planned schedule provides a roadmap, allowing you to anticipate and prepare for each phase of the construction process.
  • Accountability – The schedule holds us accountable for delivering on our promises on time, ensuring that your project stays on track.
  • Peace of Mind – Knowing what to expect and when to expect it reduces stress and enhances your experience, providing you with the reassurance and confidence needed to enjoy the journey.



step 7

Congratulations! Your dream home is now ready for you to move in and start creating lasting memories. At this stage, we conduct a meticulous inspection to ensure top-notch quality, providing you with comprehensive handover documentation that includes maintenance and warranty details. Additionally, we offer professional photography services to capture the beauty of your new home, preserving its essence for years to come.

Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority. We remain committed to addressing any issues during the defects liability period, ensuring that your dream home meets and exceeds your expectations.

It’s time to embrace the excitement of living in your dream home – congratulations!

The Benefits To You:

  • Quality Assurance – We conduct a thorough inspection to ensure top-notch quality, giving you peace of mind about your investment.
  • Comprehensive Documentation – Our detailed handover documentation includes maintenance and warranty details, empowering you to care for your home effectively.
  • Continued Support and Satisfaction Guarantee – We remain committed to your satisfaction post-completion, addressing any issues during the defects liability period promptly, so you can fully enjoy your dream home.