About Us

Our Expertise


Our team at Perway Construction Services are highly qualified and experienced in construction and home renovations. We can provide various construction services to ensure your project is successful. Our values are integrity, customer focus, safety, value and quality. We aim to deliver happiness from floor to ceiling.

The Perway team consists of professional and reliable tradespeople including: bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, roofers, electricians, plumbers, plasters, tilers and a project manager. With our highly skilled team of tradesmen, we can provide assistance on a variety of simple to complex building projects.

Andrew & Louise Kearns

Perway Construction Services is a family-owned company run by Andrew (Andy) and Louise Kearns. Together they have over 25 years experience in the construction industry and have recognised professional qualifications.


Andy is the Director and Registered Builder for Perway Construction Services. He commenced his career in the construction industry almost 20 years ago as a Carpenter. He offers clients his specialized advice and knowledge on their project, what’s best for their long term return on investment and how to achieve their home renovation dreams. He leads his team of tradespeople to complete successful, quality home renovations.


Louise is Andy’s wife and one of the first points of contact with Perway Construction Services. She is the business General Manager and is highly qualified in business and in the construction industry. She is warm and friendly and will provide guidance and answer any questions for you about your renovation journey.

Together they work in getting to know their clients, understanding their needs and building a strong relationship with them.

Meet the Team

Andrew leads his team of tradespeople to complete successful home renovations and commercial fit outs via his knowledge and experience of the construction industry. He ensures all standards are complied with, and conducts monthly toolbox meetings and safety briefings.