The Moment of Truth: The Final Chapter of Our Renovation Series

Perway Construction Services
March 03, 2023
Welcome back, guys. It's been a couple of months since our last episode here. There's been massive changes to this project. I wanna take you inside to show you what we've done. I think you're gonna be blown away. Follow me. Come on through, guys. We'll show you the new flooring. The new flooring throughout this house is a Marri floor, solid flooring throughout, except the bathroom areas and the laundries. We'll show you here What we've done here. We literally transformed this bathroom. If you can remember the old bathroom, the old vanity. The old shower used to be behind the door. So we reversed the door to make this a nice custom walk-in shower area. Beautiful. We're gonna take you back here, and we're gonna show you where the living area used to be, if you can remember from the old shots. Used to be a wall going across here, dividing this room, and used to be the old fireplace. And now look what you can see. A little living area that the clients love coming in here at nighttime, putting on there, their fire, and their TV in this custom cabinetry unit. Big shout out to Western Cabinets. They've done all this work behind the scenes and we're very happy with the end product. When we're doing this design stage, the client wanted as much light as possible to come in here, and as you can see already, look how much light is coming in from this corner. The clients have told me, they love sitting down here at nighttime, and seeing the sky. So very happy that they went the bigger window. So I highly recommend people be thinking when you're designing. Something like this. If you can remember back in the latest episode, there used to be a wall dividing here. There used to be a slate floor down throughout here, and now you can see all the timber Marri, is literally running through, all the way out the back. Now look at this kitchen. Our client, and the designer of the kitchen company, have worked a lot of hours to get what we had to do here. The client wanted a lot of lighting to come in here, so we got two big horizontal windows throughout the kitchen, to get as much light into this house as possible. But look. Look at the kitchen. It is beautiful. I'm very happy with the outcome here, and so is the client. During when we started renovating, this doorway should have been a small doorway, but when we had a chat with the clients, they were like, "Can we make it bigger?" And we did. We made it as big as we could, and it is a lovely finish. Check out these finishings, guys. This used to be the old slated floor, and we ripped this up and we put the Marri straight through, all the way through from here, from the kitchen up to the living area. But this, this doorway, this what it's all about, is these big bifold doors, to make the home out to the garden, as easy for entertaining, as best as we can. Come in and check out the new laundry. If you can remember. Remember there used to be the old wall, used to be here. We knocked the wall, and gutted this all the way back. And if you remember this used to have the asbestos in there, so we put a brand new ceiling up here, built an in wall, for the new custom shower screen, and then matching cabinets, as the kitchen. tile splash back and the vanity area. Beautiful. When we moved this door guide, if you can remember It used to be here but the height would've been way too small. So we ended up having a chat with the client and moved it across so we had a proper door height. And then we finished out the flooring throughout some skirting. And then the client has done their own fit out of the wardrobes. Very happy. That's it. Finished inside, blown away of seeing the end product. But there was challenges in this project. Guys, if you can remember, there was the start of covid, shortage of delays of materials shortage of the labor, sometimes that that was it. But we got through it and I think the client has blown away of the outcome. So am I. So big thanks to all this trades involved and subcontractors. Without you, this could not have been done. If you're looking to renovate a bill next year or the year after or whenever please reach out and we'll be happy to help.