The Beginning of a Beautiful Transformation: Part One of Our Renovation Story

Perway Construction Services
March 03, 2023
I just want to showcase this property, guys. This is a lovely renovation coming through. It's been in the making for the last year. The client has come to us, wanted to change their home into their dream home. And I want to take you through and show you what we're doing here because this house, once it's finished, it's gonna be beautiful. Okay guys, I want to take you through here to this property. This is the last time you're gonna see this property like this. We're gonna transform the whole outside of the building with some cladding boards. And we're gonna bring it through, and I'm gonna show you what we're gonna do inside. Not much change is gonna happen here. Just a bigger door opening. Paint all the ceilings, paint all the walls. Very easy. Very straightforward. And then in here, we're gonna literally gut out this whole bathroom and change it into a new updated bathroom. So all walls, ceilings come down and then it's gonna be new tiles, floor to ceiling, shower, toilet, vanity. Okay guys, gonna show you what's happening in here. This is going to be the most important room of the house. And we get back to this in two seconds. In here, we're taking this back. The whole ceiling, whole walls, bringing it back, knocking this wall out. And then we're gonna go out, build a timber frame extension, bi-fold window, and we have a horizontal window on top with a vertical. And then we have the fireplace in situ over here. But over here, guys, this is where the magic is gonna happen. The minute you walk into this house when this is all complete, you're gonna see two four-meter windows, horizontal. One in the top, one in the middle. And this is gonna be a four point something meter kitchen. Here, this is gonna be the focal point or the main point of the house when you walk through. Okay guys, this floor, old slates, floors coming up, taking it all up, bringing it back to bare. And then this concrete floor is coming up also. The slates. It's gonna be a full Jarrah floor coming right through. Big bi-fold windows, 3.6 meters in length. That's gonna come across there. And check this out guys. This room is gonna be a full brand new laundry and toilet. So we have the toilet in the corner, shower, sink here, and all cabinets. But guys, as you know, problems do come on renovations. I'm just gonna show you on day one, we already had a problem, but problems happen in renovations. Please don't stress about this. We got the samples tested yesterday, two days ago actually, to see if there's asbestos in the walls and it came back, it has. So this room has asbestos in it. We communicated with the client this morning by email, and we have the right people coming over tonight to have a look, to give us their price to demolition this whole area. But guys, just be mindful, this is a silent killer in renovations. Okay guys, this is it. This is the last time you'll see this house like this. Really looking forward to transforming this home for the client because this is their forever home now, and they're gonna literally transform the whole lot of it. Stay tuned guys. I want to bring you through in real time and show you what we're happening. So if you have any questions, please reach out, DM me, and we'll answer them on the next video coming through. So watch this space.