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Complete Guide: Granny Flat Building Costs, Timelines, and Council Approval Process Explained

Perway Construction Services
November 28, 2023
Design of Current Granny Flat Project in Wembley A recent question from a homeowner on a local Perth community building forum was asking how much

How Do Home Renovation Loans Work?

Perway Construction Services
November 21, 2023
A home renovation is an investment that pays off, but the upfront cost can spook some people.  A home renovation loan could allow you to

How to Avoid Budget Blowouts During a Home Build

Perway Construction Services
October 20, 2023
Building a home should be an exciting experience. It can be a great way to gain independence in the property market, create your own space,

The Benefits of a Builder Who Tells It Like It Is

Perway Construction Services
July 31, 2023
Welcome to the no sugar coating zone! We asked a question recently on our socials, “Would you rather a builder who tells you what you

Renovation Budgeting 101: Why a Square Metre Rate Can’t Predict Your Project’s Costs

Perway Construction Services
May 25, 2023
Renovation Budgeting 101: Why a Square Metre Rate Can't Predict Your Project's Costs As a homeowner, you're likely excited about your renovation project and the

10 Surprising Benefits of Building a Granny Flat You Haven’t Considered Yet

Perway Construction Services
March 21, 2023
10 Surprising Benefits of Building a Granny Flat You Haven't Considered Yet If you're considering adding more living space to your home in Perth, a