Unlocking Opportunity: How WA’s New Granny Flat Rules Benefit You!

Perway Construction Services
February 09, 2024

Great news! The WA State government are in the process of introducing further planning reforms to the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) that are set to transform the way we look at granny flats or ancillary dwellings in Perth and WA. These changes are all about boosting housing supply and making it easier for you to explore the benefits of adding a granny flat to your property.

Goodbye to Minimum Lot Size Requirement

One of the most significant changes in the new granny flat rules is the removal of the minimum lot size requirement. Yes, you heard it correctly! In the past, you needed a minimum lot size of 350 square meters to even consider building a granny flat. But those requirements are now gone.

Under the new rules, compliant granny flats on residential lots of any size in Western Australia will no longer require formal approval. This is fantastic news as it offers you more flexibility in how you can use your property, regardless of its size.

Size and Setback Regulations

While celebrating the removal of minimum lot size requirements, it’s essential to understand a couple of key factors. Granny flats must still adhere to setback requirements to ensure they are appropriately positioned concerning property boundaries. Additionally, there’s a size limitation in place – granny flats must not exceed 70 square meters.

These rules are in place to maintain the aesthetics and character of residential neighbourhoods. They ensure that granny flats complement the primary residence and don’t overshadow the entire property.

Simplified Parking Rules

Here’s another exciting change – in most cases, ancillary dwellings, including granny flats, will no longer be required to provide a parking bay. This is a significant departure from the previous regulations, which often demanded additional parking spaces for such structures.

There may be exceptions, especially if your granny flat is in a location where a car might be more necessary due to its distance from public transport. Nevertheless, for most homeowners, this change provides greater flexibility when it comes to property design and utilisation.

Do You Need Council Approval for Granny Flats in Perth and WA?

Now, let’s address the question that many homeowners have on their minds: Do you need council approval for a granny flat in WA?

With the new rules introduced, planning approval is generally not required for compliant granny flats that meet the deemed-to-comply provisions of the R-Codes. This is excellent news as it streamlines the approval process, making it more accessible for you to add an ancillary dwelling to your property.

However, it’s important to note that even with these exemptions, certain conditions must be met. These conditions primarily involve compliance with size limitations, setback requirements, and adherence to building codes and safety standards. But remember – a building application/ permit will still be required.

Additional Information and Resources

For additional information and details about the new granny flat rules in WA, you can refer to the official government announcement: More Granny Flat Exemptions – WA Government.

If you are considering building a granny flat on your property and want to ensure that your project complies with the latest regulations and offers the best design options, consider working with experts in the field. Perway Granny Flats specialises in designing and constructing high end, compliant and functional granny flats in Western Australia. The future of housing in Western Australia is looking brighter than ever.