What is the Structural Works Process

Perway Construction Services
November 11, 2021
- Hi guys, Andy here from PerWay. Just a question that we got there from The Home Show. What is a process with a structural work? So I'm just gonna give you an example. structure work taken down a load-bearing wall and even to find out if it is a load-bearing wall. First you would contact a structural engineer, and they would have to come out and do an assessment and do a report. So they'd come out and assess, and then in a week or so they would come back with the report. They would send it to your builder or send it to you first and then you could send it to your builder. The builder then will, find out and price up the job for you first. And then when that is all priced up, either you or the builder can apply for a building permit and to council. And there's two routes you can actually take here. You can actually for certified. Which is, means or certified or uncertified. Certified means it's gonna be stamped by a building surveyor. And this usually takes around 10 days. Just speeds up the process, that's what it basically is. And none uncertified guys, is a report without any stamp on it. So it just slows down the process. Usually takes over 21 days, 28 days. And then once it comes out of council you have your building permit and then your builder can literally go to work and do the job. And that is a question of our last sentence. So if there is any other question that you need answered, please reach out. There'll be a little questions If we can answer them for free and make life easier, That's what it's all about. Thanks again, guys.