What does a builder and a teacher have in common with Refined Space Construction

Perway Construction Services
November 11, 2021
- How do you go about your journey with the customers from the first engagement through your process and stuff like this?

- We have so much knowledge as builders that we forget that we've learned over so many years that we just think it's normal. Like, we live and breathe this stuff every day and we kind of forget that something so simple can be like, oh, that was brilliant, never knew that. Like, what's the point of just keeping it up here when you can at least put it out and help. Like, I couldn't care if someone at WA is watching my staff and it helps them make a decision with the builder over there or where wherever they are. And if I can at least help someone to inform them on what sort of things to look out for and know the processes that maybe a builder should have that somewhat organized so that, you know, they don't have that same horror story with other people because so many times off in the year, you'd be at the barbecue or you'd be around someone who's just built and it was like, yeah, it was really, it was pretty good. And then all the extras come in and then we had enough, the builder didn't tell us what was going on. And you know, it's just, and then they hated it. Like, they literally don't ever build a house again. Like, it shouldn't be like that. They should enjoy it. The big investment.

- It's funny that you said that about I wish I wouldn't have barbecues. I don't know about you but when I'm out now on the barbecues, when people ask, you've done renovation? I'm like, right. How was your experience, tell me the whole story? They're like, what do you mean? I said, I don't care about the project. Tell me your experience with the journey.