Qualities of a GREAT Builder with Refined Space Construction

Perway Construction Services
November 11, 2021
- If you were hiring a builder, if you were a client today what would you be looking out for?

- I think everyone's a little different when it comes to this. Like, everyone has more specific, certain things. Like some people prefer the communication like all clients like the communication but some people I find are really hard on the communication. Me personally, I would like to know what's going on like all the switches and, you know, for example if I'm not building your house, but you know buying something that I need for work or that's going to take a process of getting, for example for a job that might be some roof trusses getting made I want to know what's going on. I feel like it's a similar process for a client, like, you know, in the background, there is so much background work that goes on behind the scenes that no one sees that, you know it's something as simple as, Hey we're doing this, you know, it's going to be another couple of weeks for this to rock up or it's going to be something, you know, it's you know, this is happening, or that's happening. I think communication is up there with one of the biggest to be honest, like it's not hard to do, but I think a lot of builders forget to do it

- Yeah

- because we know what's going on. We sometimes forget to relay that information but I think communication and quality is another big one I get from a lot of people, you know they want quality of work or workmanship. But I think that, when they say I want quality of workmanship, I think it comes down to I want to be able to trust the builder.

- Mmm. I agree

- It's not, it is the quality. The quality should be there, Like 99% of builders can build.

- Mmmm

- But I think what they're after when they say that question, I'm like do you kind of want, like, it's the trust that you're after? Yeah, we just want someone we can trust and work with, like that's, I find that that's another big one. They just want to have someone to trust.

- yeah

- So trust and communication are probably the two biggest things. If you don't have them at the very start of the relationship and you're going through a renovation process and you're trying to figure that out halfway through. It's not a good idea.

- Yeah. If you think about it though Joel, as you know it is going to be disaster from there from the minute it starts, because if the dramas go wrong at the start you would probably know from the horror stories yourself even from talking to ex-builders, that the building game it doesn't, we've heard some horror stories that the builder came in, took a massive deposit and then didn't come back, you know