How to Start Planning Your Renovation.

Perway Construction Services
November 11, 2021
- Hi, everyone. The beginning of a renovation can be overwhelming. Where to start, what decisions will need to be made, where do I get my ideas and inspiration from? I'm Louise from Perway Construction Services, and today I'm going to guide you through the first steps of planning your renovation. So to start with, we have a few questions that are at beneficial to ask yourself, to get the waves in motion and get you thinking about that final outcome that you want to have. So we really all should have a dream, or a vision, or an end goal in mind of what we would like our new space to look like. So some questions that would help you with that that I'll just run through. So make a list of what things are driving you crazy about your room or house that you'd like to change. Number two, picture what kind of room or home that you want to accomplish if money were no object. Number three, consider your needs, how you currently use the space and how you live from day to day, because predominantly that's what will stay the same. So, you know, you don't want to make any massive changes that will change your functionality or change the way that you flow through your home. Number four, think about what would make your life easier and what would make you happy when your renovation is finished. Number five, how do you want to feel about your room or your spaces whenever your renovation is finished? Number six, outline the number, the ages, and the relationships of the people that will be sharing it, and consider the changes that will be upcoming in the near future. So for example, if you've got school-age children, what will they be doing in a few years' time? Will they be still sharing that same space with you? Or potentially if you're an elderly person, what space you want to accomplish to be able to look after your needs later down the line? The next one, making a list of essential features that you want your space to have. So that's your must-haves, and also make a list of features that you would love to have. So let your imagination run wild, jot down everything and anything that you want your dream home to look like, and that's a good start. Thanks, hope that helps.