Getting Finance Approval

Perway Construction Services
November 11, 2021
- Hi guys, just thought I'd jump on here and make a quick video. Last weekend, we brought two new clients through to see if we can help them. What we're finding out in the last few renovations of people coming through. Everyone has a great vision. We all have wishlists, want lists, and we try to get that across the table. But the number one thing I have to say to people is your finance. It's something to look into first to see what you're capable of getting. We don't want to waste your time. And we don't want you to come into the office, sit down for 50 minutes to an hour and a half with us. For me then to upset you at the end, And I don't think what you're going to get for the price that you have. Trying to educate people first and say, "Listen, find out if you can get your money, so if you're doing the kitchen and bathroom, 30 grand below that - you should get a bathroom. But if you are doing a big reno guys, definitely get your finance checked first. See what you can get. Some banks, may want a quote from builders, but we find the last few people that came in and went through the stage. Some of them are finance approved and ready to go. It's quick tip before anything you start. It's something that you need to go down the line and go okay, We know what we're going to spend. This is our budget. Make sure when you're sitting down with any builder don't be afraid to tell them that because we like to sit down and find out your end budget. Not the budget that you want us to believe you have. We believe there's two budgets. It's not for a builder to go in and rip you off. When we sit down for that hour, hour, and a half, we want to find all your must haves. And then we want to find out your dream list. Quick story, client came in the last day. And usually the wife is always the main speaker. And she has majority of what they want, but the men, We'll have to give it to them, they do want a few things, and one client came in there last weekend and he wants such a thing. And I told him that's what's he's going to get. We like to find out what you both want. And we believe that when you're building or renovating that you're going to get your dream home and why not? You're gonna live there for the rest of your life Hopefully! Do it the way you want. Get your finance approved. If you need anything, jump on a message. I'm happy to jump on anytime with you, or give me a call. See if we can help. Have a good day.