Finding Renovation Inspiration and Ideas

Perway Construction Services
November 11, 2021
- Some customers come to us at the beginning of a renovation with either lots of ideas or no ideas. So we can help with that and guide you through. I'm Louise from Perway Construction Services, and today I'm just going to talk you through areas where you can get your ideas from and how to put them all down so that it can create and help you with your vision. You may have seen some of our previous videos about planning for your renovation. So at this stage, you should probably understand the functionality and the flow of what your space will be. So now it's time to think about styling. So some interior design words that you may have come across like boho or industrial or farmhouse are words to describe a certain style that you want for your home. But we recommend the best way to think of some ideas and get some inspiration are to check out some web sites like Pinterest, Houzz or Instagram. And other ideas are to look at other people's renovations in your area that you think that look great. So there's no harm in going up to a neighbor's door and knocking on and asking to see their renovation that they've just completed. Some people are really proud of the renovation and are happy to show it off. Other ideas would be check out particular builder's website and look at their previous projects or ask for referrals from other people on a particular idea that you might have. If you're really stuck, or if you're really indecisive the next best thing would be to hire an interior designer. And some of the interior designers offer really great packages where they can assist you with your ideas and they can actually meet you in a shop and help with your product selection as well. So that really eases the stress if you feel a bit overwhelmed about deciding on various aspects of your style. So then we would suggest, get all your ideas and put it on a vision board, and a vision board is sort of a visual summary of your goals and your dreams, and put the vision board somewhere where you can see it. And if you can see it in your mind, you can hopefully hold it in your hand. So, you know, that's what your ultimate goal is and that's what you're trying to achieve. So then it makes it easier for selections of particular tiles, for selections of paint, and everything else that goes with that. So I hope that helps. The key is really research research research. You don't want to be halfway through your renovation and then think, Hmm, I should have went with a different style as that can potentially lead to a cost blowout. So do all your planning first, and research as much as possible before you start. Hope that helps, thanks.