Top 10 Renovation Trends for 2020

Perway Construction Services
April 01, 2020

Over the last few months, we have reflected on the biggest home renovation trends for 2019. Now it is time to embrace the new year and all the new trends that are emerging for kitchens, bathrooms and more in 2020. We have researched high and low to put together a list of the


It feels like the last decade has been all about neutral colours. Everyone seemed to jump on the grey bandwagon, opting for a modern and reserved two-tone kitchen and bathroom.

Well, we have GREAT news! (maybe). Grey is on the decline and colour is back. Plain splashbacks aren’t exciting anymore! 2020 is the year to embrace bold prints and pops of colours. Whilst we got a sneak peek of this trend in 2019, we believe bold textures are going to make their mark in 2020 for kitchen renovations.

Bright colours and mismatch textures have got us ecstatic for 2020. Are you courageous enough to splash some colour into your next home reno?



There was a time when everyone was eager to replace their white fridges, dishwashers, microwaves and ovens for stainless steel. There was nothing classier than having all sleek stainless-steel appliances. This trend was labelled as timeless…but is it?

It now seems that people don’t want to see their shiny appliances any more and instead are hiding them with cabinetry. We see this trend creating sleeker looking spaces and minimising benchtop clutter, allowing for more of an open feel.



Walk-in showers have been trending for a little while now for a bathroom renovation. They are a great way to make your bathroom appear visually bigger. This trend does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, 2020 will see larger showers with inbuilt shelving and benches.

Gone are the days of an outdated bathroom. Think of a small shower with a shower caddy hanging over the side. People are now opting for long benches inside their showers. This not only looks great but think of the convenience! Long day? Have a seat. Shaving your legs? No longer is the risk of slipping!

We really cannot fault this modern trend!



Whilst everyone is hiding their fridges, open shelving has burst through as a trend for 2020. This may contradict the hide-and-seek trend however it’s become so popular that we can’t ignore it!

People are now opting for more open shelves, showcasing aesthetically pleasing items. No more hiding away that serving board collection or those glasses that you spent too much on and now nobody can use them.

This trend has very much come full circle and has a vintage feel to it however, it is a great way for people to display their beloved items and make a space feel bright and open.



Pantries are no longer a plain, dark cupboard that is used for storing food and nothing else. In fact, over the last few months, they have almost become a statement piece.

If you haven’t checked out the Facebook page “Kmart Hacks & Decor” then you need to. People everywhere are going crazy for pantry organisation. Colour coding and labelling are becoming all the rage but there is just one problem, who has the space for this kind of organisation?

Organisation has become an addiction and we believe 2020 will see lots of kitchen renovations including bigger pantries, butler’s pantries and larger storage spaces.



Eco-friendly and green has been a theme on people minds for a while now and because of this, we are seeing new trends emerge. Natural, rustic materials are being used more and are now creating quite a craze with sustainable home renovations.

Natural wood has made a comeback and has become quite popular for cabinets, benchtops, shelving etc. We have watched more people move away from the modern look and embrace all things wooden.

This is creating a rustic, boho, cosy vibe within homes and we are LOVING IT! We have always thought the natural patterns of wood are stunning and we are excited to see it make a comeback.



There was a time when white faucets were all the rage, this trend died and then silver faucets became all the rage. Well, there is now a new trend hitting kitchens and bathrooms, different faucet colours.

2020 will see black, copper and gold faucets become popular. The rustic look is being embraced and with this comes new colour schemes.

Black accents seem to create a more industrial look while gold and copper channel a rustic, vintage feel. We have even seen two-tone faucets grabbing people’s attention. It will be exciting to see where this trend takes us in 2020.



Simple downlights are starting to become dull as more people are opting for large statement lights within their homes. Statement lighting is no longer for restaurants and venues, it’s for you as well!

With so many options on the market, we are seeing fixtures of all styles being implemented into homes. Lighting is such an easy way to change the feel of a room and plays a critical part in setting the atmosphere in a room. Statement lighting fixtures are also being used as art pieces within the home.

The desire to go out and buy all new lights is almost too tempting!



2018 and 2019 saw the colour green take over but in case you haven’t heard, the trending colour for 2020 is BLUE. With this, we are seeing lots of blue statement pieces, colourful kitchens and playful bathrooms.

We are loving the fact that this calming colour is the number one for 2020, it reminds of beach days, clear skies and all things soothing.

We loved green but we are excited to see what blue has in store for us.



Now, we know that this has been a trend for the last couple of years however it has shown no evidence to be slowing down and in fact just keeps getting more and more popular. Bringing the inside out is one of our favourite trends, especially living in the warm climate of Perth.

Where do we begin! Outdoor kitchens, lounge areas, fire pits, pizza ovens, café doors it’s all too much! Renovating your outdoor area is a great way to have a space for entertaining and it’s not hard to do.

Having a good outdoor area in Australia is a must, we live and breath the outdoors. The best thing about a good outdoor area is it can be used in summer as well as cooler months.

We would love to know what you think of these 2020 renovation trends. Has it given you any inspiration?

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