Rise Of The Modern Shower Screen

Perway Construction Services
August 13, 2020

Whether you are a home owner carrying out a bathroom renovation or building a new home from scratch, shower screens are a feature that should not be overlooked. First and foremost, they serve the important purpose of containing wet areas. But, shower screens are now trending and we can see that their modernisation has revolutionalised bathroom design.


A frameless single panel shower screen adds style and space to your bathroom

Bathroom design has become much more flexible with the advancement of the tailored shower screen design, making it so much easier for homeowners to renovate bathrooms.

For many decades, shower areas have been confined to the perimeters of a pre-fabricated shower pan installed in the corner of a room, with a shower screen glass to suit. Now, the size of your shower no longer has to be limited to a 900 x 900 square! The shower screens of today are completely customisable to any size, style and configuration (AND they are highly affordable).

Modern shower screens are much more functional in their design than before because they allow for larger and more spacious shower areas. Not only are they easy on the eye, but modern screens are also practical for a list of reasons laid out below.

types of shower screens

single panel shower screens

Single Panel Shower Screens have become outrageously popular in the past decade. By minimising the amount of surface area in the wet area, the result is a more spacious, open planned bathroom and larger shower area. A single pane screen is seamless, functional and sharp in design. Although they provide less retainment of water splash, they are easiest to clean and best suited for larger bathrooms.

Frameless shower screens

A frameless single panel shower screen adds style and space to your bathroom.

These screens make your bathroom feel modern, clean and sophisticated. Frameless designs are fully customisable for different sizes, hence they are an excellent choice for most bathrooms. Frameless screens have a thicker glass to accommodate for added strength and removes the need for frames. They are typically fitted as a single panel or pivoting glass door, and are typically more expensive.

Opting for something like a frameless shower screen in your bathroom comes with many benefits including: a more hygienic space due to increased ventilation, less surface area for mould build up and more natural light in the wet area (resulting in less cleaning!).

semi-frameless shower screens

These screens are favourable if you prefer a clearly defined shower area. A semi-frameless offers a divide between the shower area and the bathroom, resulting in a more contained and closed shower area without compromising on looks and functionality. Semi-frameless screens are usually comprised of a glass door panel and fixed panels for added strength. They generally offer better performance for retaining water when compared to a single panel screen. Popular with renovations, semiframeless screens are typically mid-range priced and fairly easy to clean.

Semi-frameless screens add durability and functionality.
Semi-frameless screens add durability and functionality.

framed shower screens

These are comprised of fixed framed panels that offer a more confined and well-defined shower area. The advantages of a framed screen are that they are stronger and more sealed to retain water. The downfall of a framed shower screen is that they are more difficult to clean due to the increase surface area of nooks and crannies in the frames of the structure. Typically found in older bathrooms, framed screens are quickly being phased out by the more modern designs of frameless and semi-frameless screens. Newer designs of the framed screen have less features for water and mould to build up.

Framed shower screen
Framed shower screen


Custom shower screens also come with a range of additional and optional features that you will have to consider. Some of the extra features may include pivoting or sliding doors, smooth rounded corners, contoured profiles, different grades and colours of glass, and a variety of different configurations, hinges, brackets and aesthetics.

When coupled with smart design and some of the other advancements of bathroom accessories like slimline tile insert grates (drainage), you can turn any outdated bathroom into a masterpiece. You can also check out a bigger range HERE.

Did you know that there can be significant cost savings when using shower screens in a bathroom renovation? By using the existing plumbing in comparison to relocating the drainage and/or tap fixtures, it may be possible to expand the size of a shower area by taking advantage of the customisation of new shower screens.

do you want exceptional bathroom design results?

Screen and design options are sometimes overwhelming for the typical homeowner. We recommend talking to us about what you would like to achieve and we can find the best suited screen to fit your budget.

At Perway Construction Services, we work methodically and collaboratively with our plumber, waterproofer, tiler and shower screen professional to achieve exceptional bathroom design results. We strictly ensure that everything, from the drainage to the waterproofing, goes above and beyond the building code requirements, outlined within the Australian Standards. We put extra effort into ensuring that your new bathroom design is hygienic, comfortable and low maintenance.

Contact Perway Construction Services and we can bring expertise and experience to create a bathroom design that truly works for you. Every bathroom is different, so we can help you choose a shower screen to suit your budget and needs. Talk to us today about building the bathroom of your dreams!