Reasons To Renovate Instead Of Moving

Perway Construction Services
November 06, 2018

Moving home can be stressful.  Between dealing with real estates, juggling home appointments, selling up, packing to the physical move, pressure can take its toll.  Consider why you are thinking about moving in the first place?  Is it to find a home with an extra bedroom or walk in wardrobe space?  Are you tired of the current look of your home?  Maybe you’ve decided to become an eco-friendly person?  As an alternative to moving, why don’t you think of renovating instead?  Rising land prices, longer mortgage terms and an increase in dwelling stock may also influence your decision.  The following list provides a few good reasons why renovating is a good choice.

1. Add value to your existing property

The best way to add value or equity to your home is to conduct a bathroom or kitchen renovation.  Make a few changes and update your home so that it will pay off down the track if you do decide to sell.

2. Create your own happiness from floor to ceiling

Is the current state of your house making you feel sad?  Will renovating bring satisfaction to you and your family?  Most probably!  Therefore, think about creating more comfort and ‘happiness’ in your current home.

3. Improve the space and functionality of your home

Another baby on the way?  Granny moving in?  The dogs need their own space?  Is your family getting bigger and your house getting smaller?  Perhaps you need to improve on your storage or your house is a bit dated?  Maybe your roof is leaking and needs attention.  Whether you have an unused indoor or outdoor area that you wish to transform into extra space or whether you are keeping your home in good repair, both are an important part of home ownership.  Making improvements to how well your home works is a great reason to renovate and will help to prolong the life of your home.


4. Jump on the Green campaign

Do you want to reduce your human footprint?  Do you want to help reduce your impact on the environment?  Changing windows to double glazed, installing insulation or solar panels are home improvements that can also reduce your energy bills.  Have a look at the sustainable houses in your area for more ideas by clicking on the following link: Sustainable Homes


5. Update your style

A 1950s home is very different to a Millennial home.  Updating your home can either be a necessity or maybe you’re simply following a new trend.  Does watching ‘The Block’ come to mind?  You might consider a minor face-lift like changing the wallpaper and carpets or a major renovation like replacing your whole bathroom and/or kitchen.  Regardless of your plans, stick to ageless styles so you won’t need to renew every few years.

So, have we helped you make up your mind to renovate rather than move?  Then contact us at Perway Construction Services and we can help you with your further enquiries.