Our Visit To The Homeshow In Perth

Perway Construction Services
April 04, 2019


Ok, so you know when women go shopping and get all excited about it and love it?  The exact same could be said for me last weekend when I headed into The Home Show. #butterflies #excitement #childonchristmasday

My journey started off early on Saturday morning at Stirling train station with my Father-In-Law a.k.a. Oliver. I had my Perway work shirt on and my business cards packed away into my back pocket, ready for the day ahead. 5 stops later and we arrived at Elizabeth Quay station and pottered over to the Convention Centre, stopping firstly for our caffeine boost 🙂 Whilst waiting for the coffee, I did a live Facebook video showing people some of the upcoming cool and exciting stuff that we might see that day. To be honest, this was my first ever show to go to in my 8 years living in Perth.  YES I’M SERIOUS!! Sadly, I was never able to make it before as I was either working or had some other commitment on the same weekend as The Perth Home Show was held.


When the coffee was in, we started our journey around the many, many stalls of the Convention Centre. On my first stall, we encountered a product called Robopower Window Washer. Seriously we laugh now, but this is the future.  We’ll have a machine for everything. There was also a Wet& Dry Mop, so please, no more excuses for dirty floors and windows from now on 😊.

Another stall showcased a built in BBQ area with stainless steel burner and built in cabinets and not to mention a Bar fridge.  The total package was going for just over $10k. Outdoor living in Australia would be great with one of these in your back area.

Soon after, Luxe Ceramics caught my attention with their big, bold & beautiful tiles. One of the staff members told me, if I am correct with my memory, they are now offering tiles at around $99 a tile.  I just love them!! Watch this space, these are going be popping up everywhere.