8 Ways To Prepare Your House and Yourself For Your Renovation

Perway Construction Services
November 17, 2020

How exciting! You have all the relevant documentation in line and you now have a start date for your Perth home renovation. Now you need to put a bit of time into organising, planning, preparing and decluttering before your project begins to ensure you get a stress free and successful outcome.

Follow these 8 ways to ensure this process is as seamless as possible.


Whilst it is so important that you fully trust your builder, there may be periods throughout your renovation in which your home may not have windows, doors or even walls. In order to fully protect your property from theft, keep your valuables in a safe and secure place.

We recommend sitting down and making a list of all of your personal belongings for insurance purposes. This also gives you the chance to decide what is staying and what needs to be put into storage.

Decluttering your belongings prior to your renovation means you will not be wasting valuable storage space during your renovation. Once you have cleared out everything, you will also have to determine the best storage solutions for items during the duration of your renovation.


Almost any renovation will require you to live in a smaller space than usual. Think about your routine and all the appliances that you have and that you might need. Kitchen renovations are usually the most complicated when it comes to your daily routine. Consider downsizing your fridge temporarily or changing to a convection microwave. You may even decide to make more use of your outdoor BBQ.

Chances are there are things that you can temporarily do without. How much stuff do you actually NEED to get by on?


Again, this is applicable in particular if you are renovating your kitchen. It isn’t until you lose your fully functioning kitchen that you realise how difficult preparing meals can be. Taking some time to prepare meals that can be frozen and stored away will save a lot of time and frustration when your normal routine is interrupted.


Although your builder should properly plan the job to protect your personal property with from dust and dirt, it is almost impossible to eliminate all chances of having dust. So on that note, roll up any rugs you have and pack away any home décor so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. An easy way to protect upholstery is to put fitted sheets on them. This will stop hard-to-move dust settling. If you don’t want to pack up shelves, try sticking plastic sheets over the top.

There will be a time during your renovation where you may look around and you can’t imagine your home ever looking as it was. Try not to stress too much, you will drive yourself insane. A good builder will clean up after themselves and have your property looking fresh, clean and dreamy in no time.


It is courteous to let your neighbours know that you will be renovating your home. There are a few days during a renovation project, particularly in the beginning and near the end where there will be many trades involved. Tradesmen usually have early starts or weekend work to complete. There will be trade vans and noise disruption. Having a conversation with your neighbour and giving them information about your reno especially potential timeframes before your work starts, may eliminate any complaints down the track.


Tradesmen will be accessing your property on a frequent basis. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, pets can get out. Your pets may also feel uncomfortable with people they don’t know coming in and out. Create a safe space for your animals to hang out securely whilst your tradies are working. This will put you and your tradies’ minds at ease.


Make sure you establish your communication expectations with your builder. This includes how you will communicate and how often. This is also deciding on who is going to be the main point of contact and for decision making. Problems can arise when interpretations differ so be sure to ask questions. Keeping lines of communication open and being honest and upfront with questions and feedback will ensure that you get the best customer experience and end product.


Finding alternative accommodation during your renovation may seem like a hassle and an additional cost. However, for large projects it quite often is easier and more cost effective. (Check out affordable solutions like Air BNB and Booking.Com or speak to us in Perway Construction Services as we have an affiliation with a City of Stirling hotel which we can provide to our customers at a great price).

The key is planning, scheduling and communication with your builder. If you live elsewhere during your renovation, the builder will be able to conduct the works quicker as they are not having to prepare the site and pack away each day or schedule the trades in and around you. If you live in your home, the builder needs to work around you, so time for completion may take a bit longer and there may be a bit of an upheaval to your routine each day.

Consider planning your renovation during your holiday time . A good builder will keep you fully updated of the schedule and project updates whilst you are away.

Man using hammer

Do not hesitate to ask questions now, or throughout your renovation. Your builder’s number one priority should be the customer’s experience throughout the entire project. The builder is working on your home and your biggest asset, so make sure all parties are aware of each other’s expectations throughout the journey and have a complete understanding of the end goal.

If you have any further questions, you can reach out to the team in Perway Construction Services. Contact us here.